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    Pelling the jewel of sikkim

    Sikkim is the primary tourist attraction of north eastern India. The state is home to many locations that have their name on prestigious lists published by famous publications of tours and travels like the lonely planet. Within Sikkim it is the western part of the state that beholds most of the wondrous locations which attract every year thousands who want a piece of nature and to make fond memories of time spent in close proximity to the majestic Himalayas. RetreatHotels It is the stuff of dreams to be able to appreciate the Kanchenjunga peak from our  Retreat Hotels  balcony, the view uninterrupted and complete with the snow glistening in the sun. This is no ordinary hill station like environ; this is a mountainous landscape that exists at a staggering 7200 ft above sea-level altitude. It is a wonder that a town can exist at such an elevated level, its inhabitants having the privilege of living in tandem with such a magnanimously beautiful biosphere. Pelling is a model of coexistence of man with raw nature. RetreatHotelsAndResorts It is incidentally also a model of occurrence of lush greenery alongside of icy mountains that look like a hostile place for growth of any kind of flora or fauna. One of the several attractions that Retreat Hotels and Resorts offers is  the view of the Kanchenjunga peak. See it in the day time or on a moon lit night, the peak never fails to give off ever lasting impressions on the mind of the nature lover who comes to Sikkim to confirm personally the fact that such beauty exists in the world. When you choose to do a little timing, Kanchenjunga gives you a brilliant opportunity to witness a spectacle that can be beheld with a little faith. RetreatHotels In the early hours of morning, when the peak is still donning the blanket of darkness dimly reflecting the blue light of a progressively brightening sky, the scene is fit to be stared at with concentration for what happens next is nothing short of drama at a grand scale. The first rays from sun that have the quality of illuminating any object in a golden light, fall on this snow covered mountain that towers so high above the Pelling landscape. Thus the Kanchenjunga peak suddenly goes ablaze with a golden light that could fool a man of dumb wits to believe that the mountain is made of gold.