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    Namchi The Beauty Spot of South Sikkim

    Sikkim, the beautiful state in North East of India, where green mountains of the horizon, serpentine rivers make bifurcate regions and cascading waterfalls, jump intogorges from fierce heights, is recognized across the world for its tourism. Sikkim is specially known for places like Gangtok Sightseeing , Pelling, Yungthang, Tsamgo Lake and Nathu La Pass. But the spectrum of tourism in Sikkim is far broader and there are plenty of other tourist spots that are comparatively less recognized, but are equally beautiful and charming, if not more. Namchi, a small city in the Southern part of Sikkim is a destination that witnesses lesser crowd than many other tourist hotspots in Sikkim, but is a fabulous place for holidaying. Travelers who have visited Sikkim several times, but have only explored the hot spots, should visit Namchi once to realize how beautiful this North-Eastern Indian state is.

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    Nestled above a dense forested zone on the slanting surface of Himalayas, Namchi is actually the capital of Sikkim’s Southern province. The name Namchi stands for Sky High, since Nam means sky and Chi means higher in Bhutia language. The town, which is surprisingly well developed compared to many other tourist hotspots in Sikkim, stands at an elevation of 5,500 feet and offers a stunning bird’s eye view of the green carpet of forests that cover the valley on the opposite side. But that’s not the only thing, why one should ignore destinations like Pelling and Yungthang and travel to Namchi. One’s journey to this South Sikkim capital becomes successful the moment Mt Kanchenjhungha reveals itself above the high mountain wall.

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    Geographical positioning of Namchi ensures an added pleasure for tourists in the form of this majestic view of the snow-covered mountain ranges which appear to be just a few miles from here. Very few cities and populated towns in Sikkim offer a view of the snowy summits that travelers enjoy from Namchi. In spite of being a modern city with a fair number of houses, hotels, shops, restaurants and a school, Namchi doesn’t create any interruption, as far as view of the surroundings is concerned. One can enjoy the scenic beauty of the hotel room or get out of the hotel and take a road that has gone downhill or uphill to get out of the main city area. Once you are out of the concrete dominated zone, it’s just serene Nature in front of you. Though there are plenty of sightseeing attractions around Namchi, one can simply enjoy a peaceful holiday here in the form of nature walk through the undulating hilly roads.

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    Many tourists opt for a conducted tour that covers Namchi, Ravangla and Pelling. By opting for such a tour, you would not even need to ignore Pelling Sikkim completely. Though Pelling is in the West of Sikkim, it takes only a couple of hours to reach there from the South Sikkim capital. Ravangla is even closer to Namchi. Though scenic beauty is the real charm of Namchi, when you are in that South Sikkim city, there is no point in missing a trip to the nearby spots. Temi Tea Garden is the most beautiful destination within a close proximity to Namchi. It is a lush green valley of tea gardens which appear as if someone has placed a green carpet on the rugged terrain of a mountain. Temi Tea Garden will also delight you with a stunning view of Kanchenjhungha and a fabulous landscape lying beneath the tea plantation zone.