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    Lachung: Visit and Fall in love with its Natural Beauty

    Lachung  is a small riverside village , which is located at the district of the North Sikkim ,  near the border of china . Lachung is one of the famous tourist spot for its scenic and natural beauty , it has been described as the “ most picturesque village of Sikkim ”. The word Lachung means “ small pass” , which is located at the confluence of the “ Lachen River”.

    The mountains in Lachung is at a height of 8610 feet , the whole area of mountain is covered with snow. The perfect place to  visit  by tourist are breathtaking waterfall , sparkling stream  , embrace by snow capped mountain. Lachung is famous for its apples , apricots and peaches . The most interesting tourist spot in Lachung is ” Lachung Gompa “ , it is one of the oldest  monastery  which is situated in the middle of apple  orchards across the river .

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    The another mostly visited place is Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary , which is located in Lachung and it is famous for its assortment of different species of Rhododendron  that  blossom  during the month of April  to  May.  Lachung is also famous for its tradition and distinctive culture . The Lachung is managed by the unique system of the self governance , which is known as Zumsa.

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    All places in Lachung are covered with snow during winter months. All tourist are coming  from the different parts  of the world and visit this place during the month of May and  October . The Languages spoken in Lachung are LepchaNepali and Bhutia.

    Things To Do in Lachung , North Sikkim

    Visit this place in a leisure manner and enjoy its natural beauty . Skiing is also conducted in Phuni , near Lachung. This small town is also pedestal  camp for Rhododendron Valley , which starts from Yumthang Valley and ends at Lachen Valley. Watching  the sightseeing of Lachung by enjoying the nature and Himalayan mountains.

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    Attractive Places for Lachung

    Mount Katao is one of the beautiful destination , which is located near Hotels In  Lachung , this place  is best for tourist from India. The Beautiful Monastery is one of the attractive place  to visit in Lachung.


    Best Honeymoon Place

    Lachung Hotel  can be taken as one of the best Honeymoon Destination In North East. The small village which  is covered with snow , looks so beautiful  and attractive for all tourist and visitors. There are many places  that are best for Honeymooners are cascading waterfall , Blooming Rhododendron , Flowing of river through the middle of Lachung.

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