• hill crown retreat

    Book Hill Crown Retreat now to avail 15% Discount

    Retreat Hotels is a chain of hotels laid out in the beautiful north-east limb of the great and beautiful nation India. It is indeed one of the most enthralling locations in the world where thousands come each year to witness the glory and magnificence of the flora and fauna of the Himalayan ranges.

    Hill Crown retreat, Darjeeling, is your reclusive getaway in the very lap of the Himalayas. A wonderful discount offer of 15% has been laid out for the tourists who want to experience Darjeeling in the height of winters.

    ‘Retreat hotels’ has endeavoured to establish a chain of hotels that encourage even the most cautious tourists to take a trip to the Himalayan terrains that are often deemed as inhospitable.
    It is indeed a wonderful experience to have all the amenities available to you while the majestic Kanchenjunga peak towers outside your balcony window appearing to be a stone’s throw away.

    Retreat Hotels has developed a very unique relationship with all those who have stayed at this very properly managed hospitable facility. A claim made by the hotel staff that people come in as guests and return as friends is often put to test as it has been mentioned on the retreat hotels’ website. Without exception, it holds to be true each time.

    The discount offer starts Jan 6th and will last upto March 15th 2015 during which the Himalayan terrain becomes a frozen landscape offering a great view and experience to nature lovers.

    Retreat Hotels is very assured of the fact that availing this discount offer one can not only have a great value for their money but also take home unforgettable memories of the great Himalayan landscape that beckons people from afar.