• 3 Tips For Celebrating Holi From Your Mandarmani Hotel




    India welcomes the Spring season every year with Holi or “the festival of colours” usually spent with family and friends. A major aspect during Holi, apart from religious connotations, is to throw bright colours in the form of powders and liquid, while enjoying the first day of Spring outdoors.

    The following article suggests 5 tips to celebrate Holi 2018 at great locations in West Bengal, like Retreats in Mandarmani, not far from Calcutta. An excellent time to visit the golden beaches and coastlines of the Bay of Bengal, a Mandarmani Hotel or a Mandarmani Couples Retreat could be perfect for you to kick off 2018!


    1. Prioritize What Matters : Location, Accommodation & Friendly Service

    If you decided to go on vacation with your family this Holi 2018, you may want to consider getting away from the demands f city life and visiting a plethora of Retreats in Mandarmani. Finding a Mandarmani Hotel within your family’s budget, especially during festival season is now easier than ever. Some of the Best Cheap hotel Mandarmani now are either on the beach or are walking distance from Mandarmani Beach, boasting sea view rooms and affordable accommodation. If you have a large group booking such as the many family and couple packages the many Mandarmani Hotel companies offer, you should find out whether your food and other entertainment or activities are included as well. Many Mandarmani Couples Retreat allow guests special requests, like romantic picnics on the beach, where the food is prepared and packed by the Mandarmani Hotel itself. Don’t forget to give your hotel a great review or a good rating if you have enjoyed their polite service and clean accommodations.

     2. Break Traditions : Make Memories Outdoors On A Mandarmani Hotel Holiday Instead

    Indians are known for their cultural values and traditional or ethnic traditions, especially when it comes to celebrating during bigger festival days like Holi. This year treat your immediate family to a new tradition, where you will be able to make long lasting memories on the tranquil yet entertaining beaches of Mandarmani and their vast options of Mandarmani Hotel and Mandarmani Couples Retreat dotted along the coastline. There is no harm in treating your family to a much needed holiday away from the city and creating your own yearly Holi traditions at some of the Best cheap hotel Mandarmani.


    3. Leaving The Environment The Way You Found It : Clean & Pristine

    While enjoying Holi 2018 with your friends and family outdoors on the golden beaches of Mandarmani, usually walking distance from your Mandarmani Hotel, keep in mind that your celebrations may be affecting the delicate ecosystem and natural environment. With many wildlife and animals depending on Mandarmani’s beach for food and sustenance, remember to dispose or throw your garbage and carry half consumed food and beverages back to your Mandarmani Hotel. Make sure you do not throw chemicals, empty plastic bags, bottles or other human waste into the sea, where creatures like Mandarmani’s red crabs and turtles live.

    Break away from boring city traditions and have fun with your family and friends at some of the Best cheap hotel Mandarmani, by visiting sites like www.retreathotels.in  or book Holi 2018 packages over the phone at +91 9007352111 .