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  • Arts And Crafts in Sikkim

    Sikkim is well known for its bright and tempting beauty, the charm of this state is so beautiful that no one can get rid of this enticement. The people born in Sikkim have knowledge of making crafts, the cultural of Sikkim is famous for its quality of handicrafts, the most beautiful woolen products like woolen blankets and woven woolen carpets.

    To make arts and crafts viable, Government of Sikkim makes continuous effort and they also established Handicraft and Handloom Institute. Government well established so that to preserve and promote traditional art and crafts. Although Sikkim developed properly then too people of Sikkim prefer the olden ways as it is more cheaper and provide better quality.

    There is an institution that is cistern of eye-catching handlooms and handicrafts like wood carved furniture, carpets, canvas and thanks wall hangings. The artistic designs are famous for its hand-knotted at Pelling carpets. All the handicrafts are amazing whether it is fantastic carpet or Chotkse table.

    Woolen Carpets

    There is a symbolic meaning of Wood Carving in Sikkim which means true art of India.The symbols and icons which are chiseled will help for everyone to trace the meaning of each monasteries.There is a mask dance In Sikkim which is characterized in wood carvings. The monasteries are made up of by lavish carved wood.


  • Famous Shops in Sikkim

    Sikkim has occupied a meager portion of land in India, yet this small state comprises many shopping attractions that are purchasing  and worth-seeing. So, get ready to explore the shopping places in Sikkim. The real charm of shopping places in Sikkim comes from the fact that the markets of Sikkim are not as elaborate as one can easily trace in metropolitan cities.

    Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim as well as the main shopping places, where you can shop the exclusive items of Sikkim. Here, you can trace array of shops that present countless handicrafts and other items. Lall Market is a local market area that vends dried fish, yak’s cheese and yeast to make the local beer.


    In the other markets, get the specialties of Sikkim in its delicately carved relief ‘Choktse’ furniture and Lepcha weave bags.  These markets sell carpets in addition to wooden and bamboo artifacts. Sikkim is renowned for its elegantly woven materials that incorporate dresses, shawls, blankets and knitted garments. If you are crazy about decorative pieces, you are at the perfect place to shop.

    Here, one can see carved ‘Dragon sets’ in metal, teeming with precious stones. The world famous Sikkim Tea, is also available here by the trademark of ‘Solja’ and ‘Khangchendzonga’. The hand woven blankets of Sikkim are made out of sheep’s wool making them warm and feather-weight. Try the local handicrafts and artifacts of Sikkim that look stunning.

    Thangka Painting were and still an item of reverence among the people of Sikkim. There are generally three types of thangkas all of which are spiritual in nature. The first type shows scenes from the life of Lord Buddha, the other depicting general belief of Buddhist people about life and the third kind of paintings are used for meditation and as an offering to goods.