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  • Arts And Crafts in Sikkim

    Sikkim is well known for its bright and tempting beauty, the charm of this state is so beautiful that no one can get rid of this enticement. The people born in Sikkim have knowledge of making crafts, the cultural of Sikkim is famous for its quality of handicrafts, the most beautiful woolen products like woolen blankets and woven woolen carpets.

    To make arts and crafts viable, Government of Sikkim makes continuous effort and they also established Handicraft and Handloom Institute. Government well established so that to preserve and promote traditional art and crafts. Although Sikkim developed properly then too people of Sikkim prefer the olden ways as it is more cheaper and provide better quality.

    There is an institution that is cistern of eye-catching handlooms and handicrafts like wood carved furniture, carpets, canvas and thanks wall hangings. The artistic designs are famous for its hand-knotted at Pelling carpets. All the handicrafts are amazing whether it is fantastic carpet or Chotkse table.

    Woolen Carpets

    There is a symbolic meaning of Wood Carving in Sikkim which means true art of India.The symbols and icons which are chiseled will help for everyone to trace the meaning of each monasteries.There is a mask dance In Sikkim which is characterized in wood carvings. The monasteries are made up of by lavish carved wood.


  • Festivals and Events in Pelling

    Pelling is a small village which is situated in Eastern Himalayas, this small village is burrow on a hilltop from where one can enjoy the natural beauty to the chock-full.The ravishing town of pelling is grant with a slow paced lifestyle.The culture is very simple, they follow old traditions because of this the community is wrap in serenity and peace. The events in peeling are taking place annually according to the Buddhist calendar.

    Khangchendzonga Festival:  Khangchendzonga festival is celebrated in the month of december, from 24th to 26th. During this festival there are lot of fun and all adventurous activities are held like Rafting, Rappeling and many more.This festival is named after the famous mountain khangchendzonga .Tourist from all over the world visit this place, enjoy this festival and they participate in all the activities. There is also  arrangement of myriad stalls displaying shawls, clothes and many more.

    Jorethang Mela: Jorethang Mela is celebrated in the month of January, during this festival, fair is organized and holy bath is taken. This festival is celebrated to welcome spring season after having a tough winter season. Activities such as cultural expo by the sikkimese community members, Fashion show, cultural dance contests, hot balloon show, para gliding, river rafting and many more are held.

    When you are present to spend your holidays in our Pelling Hotels during any one of the festival,  you will have a pleasant surprise as the simple and quiet town will be filled with lights.

  • Khecheopalri Lake – The adoration Lake

    The North Eastern state of  Sikkim is a hub place for Pelling Tourism  and one can find amazing spots in almost all its corner. The charming state with stunning valleys , landscapes , rivers and view of the mountain ranges offer a complete package for the lovers. Pelling is a town from where shining Kanchenjunga can be seen in just a minute away. This town is most  famous tourist spots in  the state , it is situated on the mountain edge.

    Pelling offer a impressive holiday , this hill town is pretty developed compared to many other spots in Sikkim and it is surrounded by a number of stunning sightseeing spots. At Pelling everyone prefer spending almost all hours in just staring at the magnanimous Kanchenjungha from the hotel room or get out for a conducted tour.

    Pelling Tourism

    Khecheopalri Lake is also known as Kha–Chot–Palri , which is a holy lake located at Pelling . This lake is considered as sacred by both Hindus and Buddhist which is tacit to fulfil the inner desires , thus it is called the “Wish Fulfilling Lake”. Khecheopalri Lake which means ‘Heaven Of Padmasambhava ‘ is situated in the Khecheopalri Village.

    Khecheopalri lake is an essential part of the much respected Demazong Valley , this land is believed to be sanctified by Guru Padmasambhava and known as land of hidden treasures . Khecheopalri Lake is one of the most popular Buddhist pilgrimage sites , which includes Yuksom , Tashiding Monastery and Sanga Choeling Monastery .

    Pelling Hotels

    An astonishing quality of the lake is that the water surface always remain clean ans as soon as any leaves fall on the water , the resident birds pick them up immediately. The khecheopalri Lake is conserved from the biodiversity perspective with ecotourism and pilgrimage as essential off shoots.

    The maximum temperature of khecheopalri lake is 24 degree Celsius , as minimum temperature was recorded as 4 degree Celsius. Monsoon prevail through out the year in this region.

    Before , the area of Khecheopalri  lake was a grazing ground , the area was covered by nettle. Finally , the ground shook anxiously  and spring water came out from  underground and thus Khecheopalri lake was formed. The border of this lake has the shape of a foot and is believed to be a divine imprint of Lord Buddha’s foot. The Khecheopalri lake has only one outlet for outflow and inflow which is from 2 perennial streams and 5 non – perennial streams The area of the lake is covered by a dense forest of temperate vegetation and bamboo.