• Lachung: Visit and Fall in love with its Natural Beauty

    Lachung  is a small riverside village , which is located at the district of the North Sikkim ,  near the border of china . Lachung is one of the famous tourist spot for its scenic and natural beauty , it has been described as the “ most picturesque village of Sikkim ”. The word Lachung means “ small pass” , which is located at the confluence of the “ Lachen River”.

    The mountains in Lachung is at a height of 8610 feet , the whole area of mountain is covered with snow. The perfect place to  visit  by tourist are breathtaking waterfall , sparkling stream  , embrace by snow capped mountain. Lachung is famous for its apples , apricots and peaches . The most interesting tourist spot in Lachung is ” Lachung Gompa “ , it is one of the oldest  monastery  which is situated in the middle of apple  orchards across the river .

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    The another mostly visited place is Shingba Rhododendron Sanctuary , which is located in Lachung and it is famous for its assortment of different species of Rhododendron  that  blossom  during the month of April  to  May.  Lachung is also famous for its tradition and distinctive culture . The Lachung is managed by the unique system of the self governance , which is known as Zumsa.

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    All places in Lachung are covered with snow during winter months. All tourist are coming  from the different parts  of the world and visit this place during the month of May and  October . The Languages spoken in Lachung are LepchaNepali and Bhutia.

    Things To Do in Lachung , North Sikkim

    Visit this place in a leisure manner and enjoy its natural beauty . Skiing is also conducted in Phuni , near Lachung. This small town is also pedestal  camp for Rhododendron Valley , which starts from Yumthang Valley and ends at Lachen Valley. Watching  the sightseeing of Lachung by enjoying the nature and Himalayan mountains.

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    Attractive Places for Lachung

    Mount Katao is one of the beautiful destination , which is located near Hotels In  Lachung , this place  is best for tourist from India. The Beautiful Monastery is one of the attractive place  to visit in Lachung.


    Best Honeymoon Place

    Lachung Hotel  can be taken as one of the best Honeymoon Destination In North East. The small village which  is covered with snow , looks so beautiful  and attractive for all tourist and visitors. There are many places  that are best for Honeymooners are cascading waterfall , Blooming Rhododendron , Flowing of river through the middle of Lachung.

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  • Gangtok – An Attractive Place To Spend Holidays

    Gangtok is the capital of Sikkim   which is situated among the mountains of the eastern  Himalayan range , this place is visited by almost  by all tourist , as it is the hub place for tourist . Gangtok means a ‘Superior Hills’ , which is  comfortably nestle in the lap of the high elevation of the lofty peaks of the Kanchenjunga.

    Gangtok is one of the hub place for communicating and spreading the rich Tibetan Traditions and culture. Gangtok maintains  all government collage of cottage industries  to learn promotion and sale of the handicraft and manufacturing .

    Gangtok  is one of the best place for relaxing and going for holiday with your family or partner. This state is well known as there is no crime and perfect place  to stay and enjoy. By having tour of Gangtok one can see the combine culture of Nepal ,  Sikkim and Tibet  which makes an energetic  place to visit. There are many attractive Places to visit  in Gangtok , some of them are as follows:

    Enchey Monastery:

    Enchey Monastery is located at the top of the hill  , which is 3 km away from the center of the city.  This  monastery is  one of the terrified  and beautiful  place for worshipping a God. It is constructed   on a scenic hill , above Gangtok  from where one can enjoy the view of Kanchenjunga. The best time to visit this place is in the month of January.

    Places To Visit In Gangtok

    Do-Drul Chorten Stupa:

    Do Drul Chorten Stupa  is a stupa , which was constructed by Trulshik Rinpoche. This stupa is one of the most significant and biggest stupa in Sikkim. The quietness and calm  atmosphere in the premises gets occasionally agitated by curious tourists trying to roll the prayer wheels.

    Gangtok Tourism

    Banjhakri Falls

    Banjhakri Falls is an energy park , which lies in the amidst lush green valley . This park is a shamatic theme park , it is surrounded  by trees and gushing mountain river. Banjhakri  is a forest Shaman in which Ban Means ‘primitive’  and Jhakri means ‘Shaman’ .


    Tsomgo Lake

    Tsomgo is  one of the important and the attractive  lake for the Gangtok Tourism , which is located 40 km away from Gangtok. This lake is famous throughout the world for its calm and location , which is surrounded by beautiful scenic vistas of Himalayan panorama. Tsomgo  means ‘ Source of water’ , this is one of the highest  lake in India.  The best time to visit this place is between May and August.

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  • Pelling the jewel of sikkim

    Sikkim is the primary tourist attraction of north eastern India. The state is home to many locations that have their name on prestigious lists published by famous publications of tours and travels like the lonely planet. Within Sikkim it is the western part of the state that beholds most of the wondrous locations which attract every year thousands who want a piece of nature and to make fond memories of time spent in close proximity to the majestic Himalayas. RetreatHotels It is the stuff of dreams to be able to appreciate the Kanchenjunga peak from our  Retreat Hotels  balcony, the view uninterrupted and complete with the snow glistening in the sun. This is no ordinary hill station like environ; this is a mountainous landscape that exists at a staggering 7200 ft above sea-level altitude. It is a wonder that a town can exist at such an elevated level, its inhabitants having the privilege of living in tandem with such a magnanimously beautiful biosphere. Pelling is a model of coexistence of man with raw nature. RetreatHotelsAndResorts It is incidentally also a model of occurrence of lush greenery alongside of icy mountains that look like a hostile place for growth of any kind of flora or fauna. One of the several attractions that Retreat Hotels and Resorts offers is  the view of the Kanchenjunga peak. See it in the day time or on a moon lit night, the peak never fails to give off ever lasting impressions on the mind of the nature lover who comes to Sikkim to confirm personally the fact that such beauty exists in the world. When you choose to do a little timing, Kanchenjunga gives you a brilliant opportunity to witness a spectacle that can be beheld with a little faith. RetreatHotels In the early hours of morning, when the peak is still donning the blanket of darkness dimly reflecting the blue light of a progressively brightening sky, the scene is fit to be stared at with concentration for what happens next is nothing short of drama at a grand scale. The first rays from sun that have the quality of illuminating any object in a golden light, fall on this snow covered mountain that towers so high above the Pelling landscape. Thus the Kanchenjunga peak suddenly goes ablaze with a golden light that could fool a man of dumb wits to believe that the mountain is made of gold.

  • Darjeeling; an ideal spot for the ardent naturalist

    Darjeeling is where nature sprawls out invitingly for all those who wish to indulge in the pleasures of sight-seeing. The Budget Hotels In Darjeeling  is located in the state of west-Bengal, a wondrous setting that attracts thousands of tourists annually to its bosom… the meeting place of rolling hills and dense foliage. Darjeeling is aptly known as the ‘queen of hills’ being an indispensable stop in the itinerary of the explorer who wants to see the best India has to offer.

    There are many books and films that have featured this wonderful city and its culture. Without a doubt this place can be listed on the top of the “places to visit before I die” list. Darjeeling is a Tibetan name for “Land of the Thunderbolt”. This was a hill station for the ruling Britishers of the East India company, the erstwhile kingdom of Sikkim leased it to the overlords. The Best Hotel In Darjeeling is famous for several things besides the natural spectacles that make it famous in the world. One of them is the Darjeeling tea; recognized globally and demanded on the same scale. Its exquisite flavour and aroma have given it the title ‘champagne of teas’. The Himalayan railway has been declared a world heritage site and lovingly called as Toy-Train- a very popular attraction amongst tourists. This railway maintains one of the few last steam engines in India. The ride plies between New Jalpaiguri and Darjeeling covering approximately a distance of 48 miles.

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    Darjeeling is sectioned into 5 parts; Darjeeling town, Siliguri, Kalimpong, Kurseong, and Islampur. The town is situated at an altitude of 7,000ft, the climate is temperate maximum temperateure in summers going to 25 deg and 5 deg in winter. In severe climates, the temperature plummets well below 0 degree. The town boasts scenic locales and alpine landscape covered with poplar birch, pine, birch and oak trees complimented by rhododendrons and rare orchids.

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    There are exciting trekking trails among the Singalila ridges and breath taking views of Mt Kanchenjunga and Mt Everest. The town is a mix of modern and ancient culture, the people still keeping old traditions alive in cooking and festivities. Western influence is seen in architecture, attires of the masses and the rock music that is so widely popular here.

  • The Himalayan Getaway

    Gangtok is located in the north eastern part of India. It is a hill station that attracts thousands of tourists annually who reach this exhilarating destination to witness first-hand the beauty of Himalayan Mountains. Gangtok is a dream destination that offers raw natural beauty, snow-capped mountains, lush forests and beautiful rivers. Here, river rafting and trekking are the most popular activities amongst tourists. The city, situated at an altitude of 5,800ft combines the cultures of Sikkim, Nepal and Tibet making it an ideal place to experience the best of north-east India. The city is known for many attractions, some of them being:

    The Enchey Monastery is situated on a hilltop about 3 kms from the city centre. Enchey means the solitary temple which was built on the site blessed by Lama DrupthobKarpo. Originally a hermitage, it was converted to a monastery in 1840. It is an important seat of the Nyingma order. The monastery is built in the shape of a Chinese pagoda and houses about 90 monks. Inside the monastery there can be seen the images of gods and goddesses along-with many religious objects. January is the best time to visit this site when the ‘chaam’ or religious masked dance is performed.

    Do-DrulChorten stupa is the most important Stupa in Sikkim. It was buit in the year 1945 by TrulshiRimpoche, head of the Nyingma order of Tibetan Buddhism. The stupa houses many relics, particularly the complete set of DorjeePhurba, Kangyur relics (holy books). The unmistakable feature of this stupa is the gold-topped shikara adorning its spire along with the 108 Mani-Lahkor or prayer wheels.

    Tsomgo Lake is a prominent landmark just 40kms from Gangtok. The lake is famous throughout the worldfor its calm and placid waters located in a tranquil setting surrounded by the characteristic Himalayan Mountains. The lake is situated at an altitude of 12,210 ft with an avegare depth of 50 ft spread out in an area of 1sqkm.  The best time to be there is in the months of May to August when rare flowers bloom around the lake. These are typically rhododendrons, iris-blue – yellow poppies and primulas. The lake has been declared a conserved zone so prior permission is necessary for visiting the site. On your visit to Gangtok you can relax in the best hotels in Gangtok as well as you also have an option of a Resort in Gangtok.