• The reason why Darjeeling first flush is “Green”

    The Tealeaves of Darjeeling 1st Flush is green color, even though tea is well known as black tea.  The Following reason will explain you why it is green in color.

    First Flush Has Green Leaves

    There are 3 types of tea produced in Darjeeling , the First Flush,  Second  Flush and Autumnal Tea. The color of 2nd Flush and Autumnal Darjeeling Tea are in orange-brown. These two types of tea are look like a “Black Tea”. On the Contrary, the color of  1st flush leaves  is Green and its liquor color is creamy yellow.

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    First Flush is made green for purpose

    Some people say that Darjeeling 1st Flush is green because it has less polyphenol and this is the character of a spring tea. However, this saying is not true. The tea Manufacturers intentionally want to make Darjeeling 1st Flush look green. Darjeeling 1st Flush tea could be made into orange-brown color if the manufacturers allow the tea to have sufficient fermentation. They purposely reduce its fermentation level  so that it looks green and fresh.

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    Earlier, Darjeeling 1st Flush was not green

    According to the Manufacturer, in the old days the color of first flush tea was  similar to autumnal  tea. The tea is green due to the market demand. The main buyers of Darjeeling 1st flush are from Japan and Germany, demands in these market played an important role in influencing the fermentation level of Darjeeling 1st flush. For now, all the tea gardens in Darjeeling process lighter fermented 1st flush tea, that is why all the 1st flush tea we see in market are in green color.

    Reason why the First Flush is green

    The withering process is the key process for making a black tea. Withering is a process where tealeaves were spread evenly over a perforated plate or bamboo tray and gradually reduced its moisture content .The objective of withering it to enable rolling process to be carried on easily. With lower moisture content inside the leaf, its texture gets softer and more elastic. Once the leaves have less moisture content, it takes a longer time for the leaves to ferment  as it became harder to activate the oxidation of enzyme inside the tealeaves. It is just like a dehydrated apple can hardly change into brown color, even if it is cut in half and exposed to the air.

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  • Festivals In Lachung

    Lachung, a small picturesque village in Northeast Sikkim, is as simple as the people inhabiting the place. Lachung, meaning a small mountain, is last village on India China Border. There are many tourist who visit Lachung during Festival season to enjoy, some of the festivals are as follows:

    1. Chaam: This is the famous religious masked dance performed by the lamas. On the 28th and 29th day of the 11th month the entire village of Lachen celebrate the religious dance of the gompa under the guidance of Lachen Gumchen.

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    2. Lossong: This is the Harvest festival and also the New Year of the Bhutia people. It is celebrated on the 1st day of the 12th month of the Bhutia calendar which falls sometime in January. On the first day there is a pooja performed at the main water source and the water is offered to God. The rest of the day is celebrated at home with close family members, who will wear new clothes and good food will be prepared.

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    3. Saga Dawa: This days signifies three great event in the life of Buddha and is celebrated worldwide by all Buddhism, here too the Lachen people observe this day at the monastery. This signifies the birth day of Gautam Buddha, day of his enlightenment and the day when he finally left this world. To mark the importance of all the three events on a single day, the festival of Saga Dawa is celebrated and considered the holiest of all the Buddhist festivals. The festival is held in the middle of June, on the 15th day of the 4th month according to the Bhutia calendar.

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    4. Lhabab Dhuchen: This festival symbolizes the descent of Lord Buddha from the heaven of the thirty three gods after visiting his mother ‘Queen Maha Maya’. ‘Lha’ means god in Bhutia language, ‘bab’ means descent and ‘Dhuchen’ means festival. This festival is held in the middle of November, on the 23rd day of the 9th month according to the Bhutia calendar.

    5. Drukpa Tse-shi: Drukpa is the 6th month and Tse -shi the 4th day of the Bhutia calendar, which falls sometime in August. The festival is celebrated to mark the auspicious day on which lord Buddha first preached the four noble truths to his first five disciples at Sarnath. The first one is the noble truth of suffering, the second is the truth of the origin of suffering and delusion and their causes, third is the cessation of suffering and the forth is the truth of the eight fold part leading to Nirvana.On this day the entire village goes to Thangu where a public meeting is convened by the Dzumsa council.

    6. Phang Lhabsol: This festival is quite unique to Sikkim and was popularized by the third king of Sikkim Chakdor Namgyal. In this festival the snowy range of Mt. Kanchendzonga is worshiped for its unifying power. The festival marks the signing of the treaty of brotherhood between the Lepchas and Bhutias. This festival is held on the 15th day of the 7th month of the Bhutia calendar which falls sometime between August and September.

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  • Best Hiking Trails In Sikkim

    The Himalayan Hills of Darjeeling and Sikkim are India’s crown jewel for Hiking. The beautiful state of Sikkim, rich with adventure, expansion and serene, these mountains are the dream destination for hiking Vacation. The Singalila and Kanchenjunga, together hold one of the world’s most famous hiking and backpacking destinations.

    Hiking in Sikkim offers you an opportunity to visit various beautiful Buddhist monasteries. If you have a taste of hilly mountains wilds of Sikkim, then you will love to have challenge with this beautiful mountain and also the wonderful scenic view.

    The Trekking in Sikkim fills the heart of people with full of joy and happiness. There are numerous blossoming trekking routes in Sikkim, which runs from continuum easy trek and Moderate trek to Difficult Trek.

    Various Easy Treks in Sikkim

    Sikkim offers a number of easy trek for those who are learner or do not possess much experience in the niche of trekking, following are some easy treks:

    1. Dzongri Trek: Dzongri Trek covers an area from Yuksum till Dzongri and also sometimes it extends to Goecha La. The route for this easy trek provides an opportunity to take a breathtaking view of the Mt. Pandim and Kanchenjunga. The Dzongri Trek is known as the paradise for trekkers.

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    2. Tholung Trek: Tholung Trek is located in the region of Northern Sikkim, it starts from the region of Bagdogra and extend till Lingsha. It climbs through the beautiful valley of flora and fauna, the alpine trees and yak can be commonly seen in this region.

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    3. The Lhaba Tarum Tsachu Trek: The Lhaba Tarum Tsachu is one of the highest altitude Treks which is located in the region of Sikkim. This trek provides the tourists with a lush green wilderness, a great Quantum of Thrill and enticement.

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  • Most Popular Wines In Sikkim

    Wine is an alcoholic liquor, which is made from fermented grapes or other fruits. In wine, no sugar is added, the fungus absorbs the sugar in the grapes and converts it into alcohol and carbon dioxide.The major earning for the state of Sikkim is their ever-growing wine industry. The taxes on wine in Sikkim are very low and they give allowance to the local manufacturers.

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    The local wine produced is of good quality as compared to the MNC’s. The price of local wine is very low, but it is not sold out of the state as they don’t get the allowance in those state. Outside the state, local wines are treated as another manufacturer. You have to obtain a liquor permit to take it out from the state to take liquor outside Sikkim for your personal consumption. You just have to give your name, address and you will get the free permission, in case if you are facing any problem then you can ask the local shop to get it for you. At a time, you can take out 6 bottles outside the state.

    Chang is one of the local beer in Sikkim, it is prepared by fermenting millet using fungus. It is usually consumed at room temperature in summer, but it is often served piping hot in the brass bowls or wooden mugs when the weather is colder. Chang is dominated by ethnically Tibetan and Nepalese.

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    Saino Red wine is another local wine in Sikkim. Red wine is made from the pulp of red or black grapes and then fermentation occurs together with the grapes skin, which gives the wine color.

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  • Most Popular Cuisines in Sikkim

    The delicious cuisines in Sikkim is unlimited for non-veg as well as veg since both are easily available. There are many famous local dishes in Pelling which should not be missed once you visit Sikkim, some of them are as follows:

    Momos are one of the traditional food items of Nepal and China.It is also famous and loved by all local people of Pelling as well as the tourists. Momos are available from the roadside stalls to the famous Hotels at Pelling . It is a hot, steamed which is made by flour and stuffed with vegetables, cheese and crumble meat. It will be more delicious when it is taken with a home made chilli sauce and even with soup.

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    It is Tibetan style noodle which is mixed with soup and flavoured with crumble vegetables. Thukpa is much liked by both tourist and local ones and it is available in all the restaurants or eateries area of the town.

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    Gundruk and Sinki
    Gundruk is made by drying and crumbling the leaves of the mustard oil, cauliflower and radish plant which is cooked and spiced with onions and tomatoes. Sinki is made by tap roots, due to fermentation it is sour in taste. This type of dish is prepared at homes as restaurant do not serve this dish.

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    It is a fermented dairy product which is prepared from cow milk having a mild sour taste. Chhurpi is used to make Achar and soups. It can also be mixed with Ningro to make the most exotic combination.

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    Kinema is a fermentated soybean food which is rich in protein, having a unique taste which is taken with rice. This is later used for curries, Pickles and Soups.

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    Phagshapa is strip of fat pork which is glazed with radishes and dried chillies.

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    Sael Roti

    This is one of the famous dish of Nepal, it is prepared by crumbling the mixture of water and rice. The paste of water and rice is then deep fried, which is eaten with tomato curry, this dish is not available in restaurants but it is prepared at home, mostly in parties.

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    Chang is a local beer which is prepared by fermenting millet using yeast. It is savour from the bamboo receptacle using bamboo pipe. This is one of the favourite drink of many people of Sikkim.

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    All the above cuisines you can also enjoy at the Pelling Resorts .

  • Festivals and Events in Pelling

    Pelling is a small village which is situated in Eastern Himalayas, this small village is burrow on a hilltop from where one can enjoy the natural beauty to the chock-full.The ravishing town of pelling is grant with a slow paced lifestyle.The culture is very simple, they follow old traditions because of this the community is wrap in serenity and peace. The events in peeling are taking place annually according to the Buddhist calendar.

    Khangchendzonga Festival:  Khangchendzonga festival is celebrated in the month of december, from 24th to 26th. During this festival there are lot of fun and all adventurous activities are held like Rafting, Rappeling and many more.This festival is named after the famous mountain khangchendzonga .Tourist from all over the world visit this place, enjoy this festival and they participate in all the activities. There is also  arrangement of myriad stalls displaying shawls, clothes and many more.

    Jorethang Mela: Jorethang Mela is celebrated in the month of January, during this festival, fair is organized and holy bath is taken. This festival is celebrated to welcome spring season after having a tough winter season. Activities such as cultural expo by the sikkimese community members, Fashion show, cultural dance contests, hot balloon show, para gliding, river rafting and many more are held.

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  • Yumesamdong: Heaven For all Snow Lovers

    Yumesamdong is one of the most beautiful place, and referred as Zero Point it is located in Lachung near china border. It is situated 15000 feet above the sea level, heaven for those who love snow. People enjoy the view from Yumesamdong as all the mountains are covered with snow which looks beautiful and attractive. This place would be dangerous for those who have altitude sickness and movement sickness.

    Lachung Sightseeing
    There are some people who enjoy the view and height of Yumesamdong as their visit to Lachung becomes successful as they are far away from their office schedule and other tensions. This place will present you happyenjoyable and memorable moments for life long. Going for a holiday at an amazing height will be a bit tough task but it will clear all your worries and tensions which are all in your mind ,by just having a wonderful view of valley filled with rhododendrons.

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    Yumesamdong is one of the attractive place in Lachung sightseeing, having all beautiful scenic views. Hilly area will look more beautiful when it is gifted with springs , lakes and streams. In this place, all people are advised to carry additional bag so that when coming back from Yumesamdong, they carry all the wastage and empty cans.

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    Having Holiday in Yumesamdong will remain unforgettable in everyone’s life, as there is no place having such beautiful scenic view in the country. There is a Hot spring at 14 places in Yumesamdong , the medical property in the water of these springs is advantageous to heal up the skin diseases. The whole area is green valley, this area is full of dense forestry and lush greenery which look more attractive. Yumesamdong is located at the high attitude, so the whole area is covered with snow throughout the year.
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  • Khecheopalri Lake – The adoration Lake

    The North Eastern state of  Sikkim is a hub place for Pelling Tourism  and one can find amazing spots in almost all its corner. The charming state with stunning valleys , landscapes , rivers and view of the mountain ranges offer a complete package for the lovers. Pelling is a town from where shining Kanchenjunga can be seen in just a minute away. This town is most  famous tourist spots in  the state , it is situated on the mountain edge.

    Pelling offer a impressive holiday , this hill town is pretty developed compared to many other spots in Sikkim and it is surrounded by a number of stunning sightseeing spots. At Pelling everyone prefer spending almost all hours in just staring at the magnanimous Kanchenjungha from the hotel room or get out for a conducted tour.

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    Khecheopalri Lake is also known as Kha–Chot–Palri , which is a holy lake located at Pelling . This lake is considered as sacred by both Hindus and Buddhist which is tacit to fulfil the inner desires , thus it is called the “Wish Fulfilling Lake”. Khecheopalri Lake which means ‘Heaven Of Padmasambhava ‘ is situated in the Khecheopalri Village.

    Khecheopalri lake is an essential part of the much respected Demazong Valley , this land is believed to be sanctified by Guru Padmasambhava and known as land of hidden treasures . Khecheopalri Lake is one of the most popular Buddhist pilgrimage sites , which includes Yuksom , Tashiding Monastery and Sanga Choeling Monastery .

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    An astonishing quality of the lake is that the water surface always remain clean ans as soon as any leaves fall on the water , the resident birds pick them up immediately. The khecheopalri Lake is conserved from the biodiversity perspective with ecotourism and pilgrimage as essential off shoots.

    The maximum temperature of khecheopalri lake is 24 degree Celsius , as minimum temperature was recorded as 4 degree Celsius. Monsoon prevail through out the year in this region.

    Before , the area of Khecheopalri  lake was a grazing ground , the area was covered by nettle. Finally , the ground shook anxiously  and spring water came out from  underground and thus Khecheopalri lake was formed. The border of this lake has the shape of a foot and is believed to be a divine imprint of Lord Buddha’s foot. The Khecheopalri lake has only one outlet for outflow and inflow which is from 2 perennial streams and 5 non – perennial streams The area of the lake is covered by a dense forest of temperate vegetation and bamboo.

  • Darjeeling, the Queen of Hills

    Darjeeling is often referred to as the queen of hills, a lush green landscape that boasts a wonderful biosphere just a stone’s throw away from the great Himalayas. During the time of British rule in India, Darjeeling was the hill station of choice for the overlords.

    Located in the state of West Bengal, Darjeeling is approximately 650 Kms from the capital Kolkata. It is an extremely popular destination not since recent times but from the times when the English ruled the country. The hill station provides magnificent views to the nature lovers and also to those who come here to renew their relationship with their partners. One finds an enormous relief here from the hustle-bustle of the city life and also from the heat and humidity of the plains.

    Darjeeling is famous for several things, tea being one of them. Before we move onto the other attractions of Darjeeling, let us for a moment contemplate the tea industry of Darjeeling. The black tea brewed here is recognized on a global scale and has won many critical acclaims. The hill station abounds in tea gardens sprawled out on slopes of hills where women collect tea-leaves in their traditional wooden buckets slung on their backs.

    Tourists can not only visit these tea gardens but also visit the factories where tea is made and buy packs from there at unbelievably low prices. Leaving the processing facilities of tea factories, one finds himself wondering how such flavour can come from such a simple looking plant. There are several Buddhist monasteries in Darjeeling. Some of them date back more than a hundred years and have been the seat of many important Buddhist priests. One of the most famous monasteries of this city is the Ghoom monastery. Darjeeling is very close to Sikkim which can be assumed as the seat of all Buddhist activity in the north-east. Darjeeling also boasts a wonderful steam driven train that plies all the way to the lower regions of India’s north east. This steam train is one of the very few steam operated locomotives of Indian railways that are in service today. Darjeeling, among other tourist spots in the north-east, flaunts a wonderful view of the magnificent Kanchenjunga peak.

    On a clear day, Mt Everest can also be seen from this hill station. A very conspicuous attraction for tourists is the Senchal Lake which lies close to the tiger hill. This is a very famous picnic spot that is kept very neat and clean by the authorities from whom prior permission is necessary to camp in this area. Our Resort in Darjeeling is truly a world-class destination and must top in the list of places to stay and among the leading Darjeeling resorts.

  • Book Hill Crown Retreat now to avail 15% Discount

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